Taking a Break

After pumping out the previous 72 Northern Passages blog posts like clockwork, I am going to take a break.  (OK, well maybe it's only 70 because I republished the first two posts while away on holiday at the end of the last year, but you know what I mean.)

Taking the break is not for lack of something to say, but rather for lack of time to say it, or at least to write it down.  I have a busy summer planned, with numerous wilderness trips and soft adventures in mind, not to mention a family wedding or two.  The more formal essays that I post on the blog simply take too much time.

Accordingly, the main blog at my website, www.NorthernPassages.com, bids you farewell for now, but expects to return at some future date. 

In the meantime, I plan to keep up occasional, less structured, posts on social media – especially the Northern Passages page on Facebook, which provides my largest audience anyway.  These shorter and less formal missives are likely to include photos and brief trip reports over the summer as well as comments on anything else that interests me.

So, I’ll “see” you on social media – and have a great summer!