Northern Passages is Bob Osborne's website and blog exploring the ethics and esthetics of conservation and wilderness, with a focus on Alaska.  The blog covers themes including environmental justice and patriotism, legal and ethical theories, nature and wildlife stories, book reviews, and other related topics.  

Bob was previously a senior partner of two national law firms, a senior executive and the chief legal officer of three publicly traded companies, and an adjunct lecturer in law.  He has been a board member of numerous nonprofit conservation, cultural and civic groups and currently serves on the board of The Nature Conservancy of Alaska.  

In 2014, Bob was a Pattie Layser Writer-in-Residence at the Murie Center, a conservation forum located in Grand Teton National Park.  This writing program furthers the legacy of Olaus and Mardy Murie through “the promotion of the importance of wild lands, wildlife, and natural habitats, and their preservation” and communication of “the relevance and importance of wild lands and wildlife to contemporary society.” 

Northern Passages has a companion website, www.AccessibleWilderness.com, which is a first-time visitor's guide to a road-accessible wilderness experience in Alaska, using Anchorage as a base.  You can also follow Northern Passages on Facebook and Twitter.

Other than comments posted by third parties, the views expressed in the Northern Passages and Accessible Wilderness websites, and in all related blogs, tweets, social media postings and the like, are those of Bob Osborne individually and not of any organization with which he may be affiliated in any way.

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